Like all Bayberry Munchkins, this little sweetie is the perfect size for a Doll's Dolly, measuring a less than mere 1.5 inches tall!

"Lemonade!" Bayberry Munchkin SCENE
This little Bayberry Munchkin measures less than mere 1.5 inches tall and her accessories are even tinier!
As with all Bayberry Munchkins no molds are ever used ~ each doll is a one-of-a-kind!

Ice Cold Lemonade!
This precious little Munchkin has been hard at work
all day squeezing fresh ripe lemons. She has her
Lemonade Stand all set up and is just
waiting for her first sale!

Bayberry Munchkin is fully sculpted out of polymer clay.
She has hazel-green glass eyes and a rosy complection -
handpainted with heat-set oils.

Her beautiful auburn hair (fine English Viscose) hair is styled up into two ponytails, and she wears an adorable white summer dress - detailed with tiny handpainted yellow flowers all over and a big yellow bow! She has the cutest tiny sandals on her feet.

Atop the lemonade stand table is a big checkered tablecloth (each tiny square is an individual piece of clay), a whole lemons, a sliced lemon, glass pitcher of lemonade, and three tiny glasses. All pieces on the table are permanently affixed.

Her lemonade stand was also entirely sculpted out of clay except for the "Lemonade 25 cents" Sign and the beautiful blown glass pitcher and glass cups. I filled the pitcher with fresh "lemonade" including tiny lemon slices and ice cubes, and filled the cups with lemonade and tiny ice cubes with a lemon slice garnish...and in the process of creating such tiny meticulous pieces I obtained a great appreciation for miniature food makers ( =

Bayberry Munchkin holds the fourth lemonade glass in her hand, ready to pass it out to her first lucky customer!

All Bayberry Munchkins are unique, but kept to the same approximate size to fit in with future additions.
"Lemonade!" Bayberry Munchkin is signed underneath and brings along a Photo Certificate of Authenticity.


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Tiny real glasses are filled with fresh lemonade and ice cubes with a lemon slice garnish on the rim!

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